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Get On Top 2

Throwing some to the ground, head down, is wrestling. And wrestling is fun when no one gets hurt. Get On Top 2 gives you just that. It is all about two people fighting to Get On Top and at the same time avoiding the other opponent pinning you down in the process. So, if you’re really fed up quarrelling with your friends, peers, or a sibling, and want them down one-on-one, like virtually – just bring it on with Get On Top 2. Two player games are really interesting, especially when the game is full on challenges.

What Get on Top does is, it allows you to get all beefed up. Full throttle into serious mode. It brings out the competitive genius in you. And, that when you are playing against a human, not the computer. This game gives you multiple avatars to choose from. You can choose the character you think is the strongest, learn how to maneuver around with kicks and punches, and go into each challenge all guns blazing.

The game itself is very simple yet full of challenges. The graphics are very simple, whereas the concept is easy to understand. When you force the other down and their head touches the ground you win. But, if you fall down in the process, you lose. It’s perfect for those who cherish one-on-one combat games. On top of that, it allows for grand celebrations once you win.

The Central Mechanism, where you learn all the moves, is straightforward: nothing paltrier to decipher. Navigation can be done while using the "Arrows" or "WASD" keys. While playing, balance and decisiveness is the way to go. You only get a few chances, mostly a single chance, to land a great hit, and for that you need to remain firmly on your feet. If you lose you posture, you hand them the initiative. Before you can recoil, you get hit, and you’re down. Get On Top 2 is the best game to enjoy with alone as well as with friends or other opponents. Wish you pleasant pastime.

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